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"For the Media"

This series of posts is intended for use by the media: radio/TV, newspapers/magazines, bloggers and other media sources. It is also appropriate for individuals who might want material in a more easily shared format. Posts take a couple of forms. There are brief posts easily adapted for a variety of media. (Material is most often presented without links to more in-depth theoretical material and adapted so it can effectively stand alone without requiring the reader to have previous knowledge of culturally mature perspective. There are also long-form pieces. These extended pieces can be readily adapted for lengthier articles. They can also be used as introductory material for people new to these ideas. (They include overarching pieces that bring big-picture perspective to the concept of Cultural Maturity and to Creative Systems Theory as a whole.)

The topics chosen for “For the Media” pieces highlight particularly well how Modern Age institutions and ways of thinking can’t be the ideals and end points we tend to assume them to be. They also directly address how a new, more mature chapter in our human story is necessary—and happening. Each post emphasizes how today’s new challenges stretch who we are in fundamental ways. Each also helps bring clarity to the fact that what is being asked of us is, in the end, common sense—simply a maturity of common sense that before now we could not have effectively grasped. “For the Media” posts commonly take on issues that are significant in and of themselves, but that are pertinent also because they serve as essential evidence that a next chapter in culture’s story has become essential—and should continue to be so well into the future.

Feel free to link to these posts (with appropriate attribution) or to contact Dr. Johnston (at ) if you would like to discuss adapting material for a particular context or for development of a more detailed piece. If you find these introductory pieces useful and provocative, you are encouraged to explore the main Cultural Maturity blog, visit other Institute for Creative Development educational sites, or read Dr. Johnston’s books.